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by Colin Tipping

I was introduced to Radical Forgiveness in 2002 when I was in the midst of a problem that I just could not solve.

The forgiveness I experienced through following the steps in Radical Forgiveness, especially the worksheet “Making Room For The Miracle” were miraculous. It gave me an exit from the emotional pain, anger and hate that was in the process of consuming my life.

The magic for me in the Radical Forgiveness worksheet was being able to separate my feelings from my thoughts and get to the absolute base of my anger and hurt.

Forgiveness for me was nothing less than realising that I came into this life rejecting myself, my life and everything about me. The person (well really persons) I was angry with were really very brave souls who were honest enough to show me the truth about myself. So yeah, these brave souls treated me like s***. They completely and utterly rejected me in incredibly hurtful ways, but they showed me the truth.

When I found forgiveness and stopped rejecting myself, the ways others treated me changed dramatically. The change in me really changed the world around me.

I use the tools from Radical Forgiveness all the time. I know that when something in my life upsets me, its a sign from the universe I have something to forgive and heal. And the results from using Radical Forgiveness are nothing less than MIRACLES!

Radical Forgiveness has been a big part of my life, so I’ll definitely be writing more about it.

Wishing you love and miracles,


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