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Book Review: At Zero

Hi again,

I’m back with my review of At Zero, Joe Vitale’s second book about Ho’oponopono.

You can read my review of Zero Limits, Joe Vitale’s first book on Ho’oponopono here.

From the very first chapter, I warmed to this book. Vitale begins his book by talking about the storm his first book on Ho’oponopono, Zero Limits, caused. In Vitale’s words “the shit hit the fan.”

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Make Mistakes


I asked God to speak to me and the universe has answered.

On Thursday  I went to a nearby shopping centre to get lunch and almost bought a  little yellow notebook with “Make Mistakes” printed on the cover. It was in a display with other brightly coloured notebooks with inspirational words printed in gold letters.

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How To Forgive


You need to forgive someone or something, right?

Maybe somebody has even told you that you need to do some forgiveness.

Maybe you have just reached the point that everything else isn’t working and maybe its time to try this forgiveness stuff.

Sure, you’re at the point where you are willing to look at forgiveness, but HOW??? How do you forgive? What do you do to forgive? How does this forgiveness stuff even work?

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