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Procrastination Part 2: the practical stuff

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As I mentioned in my previous post, procrastination has been a huge topic for me.

As a perpetual procrastinator, I became familiar with many tools and tips to help with the practical side of procrastination. These help so much and I still use them from time to time.

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This is a huge topic for me.

Procrastination is the act of not acting, of putting off something (or everything.) In my case procrastination kept me perpetually stuck in a prison of inaction where I could see what I needed to do, but I was unable to physically move towards it.

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Make Mistakes


I asked God to speak to me and the universe has answered.

On Thursday  I went to a nearby shopping centre to get lunch and almost bought a  little yellow notebook with “Make Mistakes” printed on the cover. It was in a display with other brightly coloured notebooks with inspirational words printed in gold letters.

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Book Review: Zero Limits


Book Review: Zero Limits by Joe Vitale and Ihaleakala Hew Len.

This is the second time I have read this book and I must say, I got so much more out of reading it again.

I was very confused and less than impressed after reading Zero Limits for the first time. It was recommended to me as this wonderful book on forgiveness by a mentor who had introduced me to Ho’oponopono. Ok


After my first reading of Zero Limits, my impression was that there were many personal recommendations for workshops conducted by Joe Vitale and Dr .Hew Len. The personal stories and recommendations tended to carry over many pages and get lost in what seemed to me to be unimportant details.

I was frustrated that I would hear so much about the workshops run by Vitale and Dr Hew Len but so few practical steps on using Ho’oponopono.

Reading this for the second time, I found more of those practical steps of Ho’oponopono I was looking for. The most important is repeating the four Ho’oponopono phrases of:

Please forgive me. I’m sorry. Thank you. I love you.

I also found the idea of using a pencil with an eraser on the end to tap on a problem (that has been written down) to “erase” or release the problem useful.

I used this eraser method for a problem that I was having at work and found it lessened the problem.

It is not a straightforward book, and Dr Hew loves to express ideas in abstract forms, like Shakespearean Sonnets.

I found myself getting frustrated with the format of the book and the indirect ways ideas were discussed and revealed (or not really revealed.) I am glad I gave this book another go and I did get much more out of it the second time.

I think there are better introductions to Ho’oponopono, but Zero Limits appears to be the first book to bring Ho’oponopono to wide, global audience.

My personal recommendation is to give Zero Limits a go. Love it or hate it, it is certainly an interesting read.

Love  to you,




More Forgiveness in the Workplace


I have written another blog post, but it is very personal and I don’t have the guts yet to post it here. I will soon, I promise.

In the mean time I would love to share with you another example of forgiveness and learning from my workplace.

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Welcome 2016


Hello my beautiful readers!

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My Workplace – an abundance of opportunities to practice forgiveness!


I, like many, have a love/hate relationship with my workplace.

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Forgiveness Fast, Forgiveness Slow

The more I practice forgiveness, the more it can surprise me. Sometimes forgiveness can lead to an instant understanding, a moment of enlightenment. OMG! I was projecting my fears onto my co-worker and that is why I felt so mad at her!

Other times, I do all the forgiveness work, the worksheets, the prayers, all I can think of and I’m still mad at hell at the person or situation. That instant realisation just hasn’t come.

I call these two processes forgiveness fast and forgiveness slow.

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Why I Love Radical Forgiveness

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by Colin Tipping

I was introduced to Radical Forgiveness in 2002 when I was in the midst of a problem that I just could not solve.

The forgiveness I experienced through following the steps in Radical Forgiveness, especially the worksheet “Making Room For The Miracle” were miraculous. It gave me an exit from the emotional pain, anger and hate that was in the process of consuming my life.

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