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Forgiveness Fast, Forgiveness Slow

The more I practice forgiveness, the more it can surprise me. Sometimes forgiveness can lead to an instant understanding, a moment of enlightenment. OMG! I was projecting my fears onto my co-worker and that is why I felt so mad at her!

Other times, I do all the forgiveness work, the worksheets, the prayers, all I can think of and I’m still mad at hell at the person or situation. That instant realisation just hasn’t come.

I call these two processes forgiveness fast and forgiveness slow.

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How To Forgive


You need to forgive someone or something, right?

Maybe somebody has even told you that you need to do some forgiveness.

Maybe you have just reached the point that everything else isn’t working and maybe its time to try this forgiveness stuff.

Sure, you’re at the point where you are willing to look at forgiveness, but HOW??? How do you forgive? What do you do to forgive? How does this forgiveness stuff even work?

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Why I Love Radical Forgiveness

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by Colin Tipping

I was introduced to Radical Forgiveness in 2002 when I was in the midst of a problem that I just could not solve.

The forgiveness I experienced through following the steps in Radical Forgiveness, especially the worksheet “Making Room For The Miracle” were miraculous. It gave me an exit from the emotional pain, anger and hate that was in the process of consuming my life.

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The Elegant Simplicity Of Ho’oponopono

Ho’oponopono is a beautiful and simple method of forgiveness. It is a traditional forgiveness technique from Hawaii. It is used by a number of practitioners who all change it up a little bit. You can’t do Ho’oponopono wrong so give it a try.

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Oprah on forgiveness

At the forgiveness collector I’m all about exploring different ways to experience forgiveness.

I like this short video by Oprah. Forgiveness as accepting the past for what it is & letting go of how we wanted it to be.

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Welcome. My name is Emma and I am THE FORGIVENESS COLLECTOR. I collect forgiveness techniques and experiences of forgiveness.

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My Introduction to you

Hi. I’m Emma and I am the biggest fan girl of forgiveness.

I have experienced the amazing power of surrender and forgiveness to change my life, my attitude and transform the most painful of experiences into an experience of gratitude and uncommon understanding.

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